Thursday, 20 August 2009

Do politicians know anything?

What is wrong with the Tories. They are so out of touch or out of time , as the song says.

How many politicians in the past twenty years can be regarded as original thinkers and innovators ?

Why do Hannan and Carswell stand firm and cleanly in our midst. How and why have they impressed on us all that present day politicians from all parties are bogged down in a 'midden' .

Daniel Hannan has created a debate , this is good news. I do hope the Tories stir their stumps and listen properly.

David Cameron is terrifying the middle /higher income earners , not to mention pensioners and the skilled workers with his higher tax/ pruning back on services etc etc.

'Putting people first ' was their last election mantra, their new mantra- ' Time for change ' is really irritating many of us . We need a tranquil period of no extremes, because haven't we all suffered for the past twenty five years , change for changes sake.


  1. Brown gave the Bank of England considerable independence which has worked pretty well.

    Their Monetary Policy Committee now makes proposals such as the increase in Quantitative Easing which it seems likely would be overridden by Osborne if he had the keys to No 11.

    I think Brown's decision was the most clearly innovatory of the past 20 years, but his decision as PM, made plain while Tony Blair was still PM, that Parliament would have to vote for any future declaration of war was another possibly farreaching innovations.

    The Scots Parliament and Welsh Assembly were massive changes, likewise the Mastricht treaty which Mrs Thatcher went along with and John Major signed up to.

    I doubt we have been subjected to so many changes in the world as over the past 20 years, and HMG and her allies have responded well on the whole I think.

    Imperfect, but not so bad.

  2. "We have all suffered over the last 25 years."

    How do you know when a planeload of Britons has landed at Sydney airport?

    It is still whining after the engines have been turned off.